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Do This Every Day, And You'll Look Younger for Much Longer

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Ageing Beautifully

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Subscribe No Thanks. Not only do doctors frequently tell her she's healthier than other patients half—or even a third—her age, but she also has the dewy, plump, glowy skin of a Michelangelo cherub and a shocking amount of passionate energy. How is she doing this?

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I often wonder when I'm home for a visit and can barely drag myself off the sofa. And while she's pretty much always stayed out of the sun and taken care of her skin in that regard, it's the shifts in her wellness and beauty routine she began making in her 30s that she credits for her epic youth preservation my words, not hers, of course. So I thought I'd conduct a little mother-daughter interview with her not only to selfishly glean all of her very best tips for myself but to share her strategies for aging gracefully with you all as well! Ahead, and mostly in her own words, my mom shares her personal prescription for feeling and looking almost half her age.

Keep scrolling! Even though my mom's diet has ebbed and flowed over the years, she's now settled into a healthy, balanced, and sustainable space which has not only aided in weight loss but increased her energy and quality of life. Finally, when I approached weight loss from the standpoint of just eating healthier foods in smaller amounts, I began to see more permanent results. Then, to keep her blood sugar in check, and since she usually eats breakfast after exercising, she'll mix a clean, healthy protein powder in with some water to drink on the side.

She's also a fan of collagen, which is something I turned her onto earlier this year. Lunch: Some kind of salad featuring a base of spinach and some cruciferous vegetables, tomatoes, beans, or hard-boiled eggs for slow-burning carbs and healthy protein, diced apple, and then a little bit of cheese, a sprinkle of seeds like pumpkin or sunflower , and a light layer of some kind of clean, organic dressing. Dinner: A homemade soup—cuteness aside, this has become a comforting ritual for my parents ever since they both retired.

They'll sit down together before going grocery shopping and find or sometimes even create a healthy soup with some kind of grain brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, barley , protein lean-cut sausage or chicken , and a whole lot of veggies. Overall, maintaining a diet with zero to no added or processed sugar she actually has a heart condition in which she can't consume it regardless, but that's a whole other story ; prioritizing organic, non-processed options; selecting high-quality or plant-based proteins; incorporating some fruit and lots of vegetables; and eating natural sources of prebiotics and probiotics sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, and a supplement is the ultimate "beauty" diet which has helped my mom feel her absolute best as she's gotten older.

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My mom will be the first to tell you she drinks lots and lots of water. And I'll be the second. If you saw her skin, you'd be a believer too. Alcohol, caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee, and juices—even green ones—aren't her cup of tea.