Between the Sheets: An Intimate Exchange about Writing, Editing, and Publishing

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But new, life-extending technologies based on advanced genetics and stem-cell reprogramming are coming at us anyway.

Construction magnate John Praxis topples over on the golf course from a massive heart attack, while the attorney who was litigating against him, Antigone Wells, succumbs to a stroke. Both have unfinished business they need to pursue, and they are among the first recipients of the new medical techniques to rebuild failing organs—his heart, her brain—renew deteriorating tissues, and extend their lives almost indefinitely.

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Sample Chapters: Volume 1 and Volume 2. Cover photo Volume 1 by Roberto A. On a mission from the 11th millennium, and posing as a little girl, Time Juggler Merola Tsverin hunts for genetic samples in 21st century San Francisco. Along the way, she retrieves an artifact for a collector: a home-run baseball from This theft sets off a chain of consequences which threaten the very shape of life on Earth.

This novel of science fantasy spans million years in a thrilling ride through intricacies of metaphysics, evolution, retribution … and baseball. Before the frenzied modern era of superhighways, television, and the internet, American life was lived in small towns, in places where families knew every neighbor; where the bonds of love and hatred, friendship and feud, were tightly woven across generations. In such a town lived Robert Wheelock. He was soft-spoken, intelligent, Harvard-educated, and seemingly destined from birth for great things.

His father, the county judge and owner of the local railroad and electric company, was wealthy and respected.

In this kaleidoscopic book spanning three decades of American life, Robert Wheelock falls in love with his beautiful cousin and takes on his first clients as a lawyer with his own practice. He fights a series of bitter skirmishes with his stepmother, suffers personal tragedy and loss, and starts down the path of public life and civic duty first blazed by the judge. And then Robert commits an indiscretion that will haunt him for twenty years—an indiscretion that will jeopardize his marriage and his place in the community. Amid a growing national energy crisis, a radical environmental group destroys the generating capacity of Hoover Dam, the engineering masterpiece of the 20th century.

A new President responds by vowing to build the engineering marvel of the 21st century: clean solar power from an orbital platform. And no one plans on the determined, ultimately violent, opposition of the world oil cartel. This novel is an inside look at the high-stakes world of engineering project management: part inspiration, part politics, always risky. It will appeal to readers who treasure the aha! Searching for biotech solutions to environmental problems, a senior researcher at Cumulus Biologicals creates a microbe that doesn't just break down oil spills but turns sweet crude into a tar-like solid.

Within contemporary art, entropy has emerged to refer to installations often associated with representations of order, disorder and information, and their homogeneity. Tirdad Zolghadr Traction Traction argues that contemporary art is defined by a moral economy of indeterminacy that allows curators and artists to imagine themselves on the other side of power.

This self-positioning, in turn, leaves us politically bankrupt, intellectually stagnant, and aesthetically predictable. In his memoir-polemic, curator and writer Tirdad Zolghadr candidly reflects on his own experiences and the work of others. Each person written about is represented by a letter, and when an object turns into a subject it is marked in bold. This book was written from the middle.

What Publishers Want: How to Revise Your Book for Publication

The contents of these pages have been modified numerous times. Notes were taken, ideas were rewritten—the ones that survived bare the most essential guidelines and wisdom for life Shezad Dawood Kalimpong Kalimpong is an artist project in book form by the London-based artist Shezad Dawood. There are explorers and spies, poets and travelers, lovers and strangers, princesses and humanoids, all strangely connected across the globe through this curious Indian town. David Harvey Abstract from the Concrete Marxist geographer David Harvey opened his lecture with a fact: between and China consumed 50 percent more cement than the United States had in the entire twentieth century.

In Abstract from the Concrete , he asks why. They were frequently looted together with other valuables from Bosnian homes. It was acquired at a public auction in It is missing volume number All over Europe, young people are occupying central public squares to demonstrate for more social justice.

In Berlin, their agenda is different. The completists gathered at Alexanderplatz aspire for justice primarily on an intimate level. They believe that only when the redistribution of material wealth includes equal chances of finding sex and love—no matter how elderly, disabled, or ugly you are—communism will become real. Michalis Pichler Ed. Books and Ideas after Seth Siegelaub Books and Ideas after Seth Siegelaub spans an arc of tension between the works of Seth Siegelaub and contemporary cultural production.

It features an interview with Seth Siegelaub, two essays by Regine Ehleiter and Michalis Pichler, and an extensively illustrated catalogue with bibliographic details. Putting Rehearsals to the Test Practices of Rehearsal in Fine Arts, Film, Theater, Theory, and Politics Although the format of the rehearsal is used across a number of disciplines—film and theater as well as fine arts—it has been scarcely considered in historical and contemporary art discourses.

With this in mind, Putting Rehearsals to the Test investigates the role and function of the rehearsal as a methodology, modus operandi, medium, site of representation, and reflection on processes of artistic production. Samuel Bianchini, Emanuele Quinz Eds. How can it be analyzed, understood, theorized, experienced, and how can we conceive of works that possess the faculty of action and reaction to their environment and public? The double-projection film installation is based on a script that borrows texts from American punk-poet Kathy Acker, as well as chats and materials by convicted whistle-blower Chelsea Manning that speak of her reasons for revealing nearly one million secret military and diplomatic documents through WikiLeaks, at the same time exposing her transgender identity to her superiors.

Through poetic gestures of appropriation and recombination, Boudry and Lorenz examine issues around gender, sexuality, the performance of identity, and the nature of collaboration. Demos Decolonizing Nature Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology While ecology has received little systematic attention within art history, its visibility and significance has grown worldwide in relation to the pressing threats of climate change, global warming, and environmental destruction.

The festival has continuously produced projects with international artists that experiment with various institutional frameworks.

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This book is both a question and a manual, collecting ideas, knowledge and experiences that stem from the theory and practices developed over the past few years. Producing images becomes akin to building infrastructure; her computer-generated bodies are imbued with power and put to work. This publication accompanies the first institutional solo show by Cooper, winner of the Schering Stiftung Art Award. Dysfunctional Comedy A Reader Dysfunctional Comedy documents a series of public events, performances, and workshops conceptualized by German-American artist Olav Westphalen and organized with different partners, mainly in Sweden, between and It is a solidary school by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who contribute to the program as lecturers, consultants and researchers.

Abraham Adams, Lou Cantor Eds. The first volume, Language and Misunderstanding , addresses concretism and its discontents.

Between the Sheets

The essays and performance texts herein argue for an expanded consideration of concretism in contemporary practices oriented toward the embodiment of language, in works that challenge the privileging of the body of the word over the body of the artist. James Voorhies Ed. What Ever Happened to New Institutionalism? New Institutionalism , a mode of curating that originated in Europe in the s, evolved from the legacy of international curator Harald Szeemann, the relational art advanced by French critic and theorist Nicolas Bourriaud, and other influential factors of the time.

Interview with Columnist Laura Lafferty About Adrift in the Sound – Word Garden

These approaches posed other possibilities and futures for institutions and exhibitions, challenging the consensual conception, production, and distribution of art. For the exhibition, two complementary yet autonomous artists were brought into dialogue with each other: German artist and computer composer Florian Hecker, and the late American sculptor John McCracken. He treats his paintings as objects, often created through more or less laborious, serial, or deterministic processes where time itself, as well as various external factors, become active cocreators in the making of the work.

Cave 1—Territories Cave is a series of publications featuring commissioned and republished explorations, anecdotes, research, documents, case studies, essays, and scenarios on how to think and practice contemporary collecting. The first issue of Cave looks into the territory of the public collection considering it both a semantic ground for institutional collecting as well as political and cultural infrastructure. Featuring essays on the highs and lows of the conceptual turn in poetics, avant-garde literary genealogies, and monographic pieces on Paul B.

Preciado, Chris Kraus, and Pierre Guyotat, among others, Brutalist Readings explores the radical histories of writing, as well as its potential now. Jens Hoffmann Ed. Charlemagne Palestine GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandttttt Charlemagne Palestine works from a highly personal universe of ritual, intoxication, and shamanism.

Over the last four decades the artist has created an extensive body of experimental musical compositions, bodily performances, and, in later years, visual artworks inhabited by stuffed animals. Ina Blom The Autobiography of Video The Life and Times of a Memory Technology In her innovative take on early video art, Ina Blom considers the widespread notion that video technology was endowed with lifelike memory and agency. She follows the reflexive unfolding of an analog technology that seemed to deploy artists and artistic frameworks in the creation of new technical and social realities.

Olivia Plender Rise Early, Be Industrious As the first significant overview of the work by artist Olivia Plender, this monograph navigates through the evolving attitudes to historical and contemporary forms of communication and education that her research-based practice has explored for the last ten years. The art prize aims to put into practice and to question intra-Asia art connections, gaps, and combinations that build very active art scenes from specific contexts to ongoing extensions.

The Archive as a Productive Space of Conflict The applied research project and publication The Archive as a Productive Space of Conflict deals with archival practice and its spatial repercussions. Annette Gilbert Ed. Publishing as Artistic Practice What does it mean to publish today?

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In the face of a changing media landscape, institutional upheavals, and discursive shifts in the legal, artistic, and political fields, concepts of ownership, authorship, work, accessibility, and publicity are being renegotiated. How the traditional publishing framework has been cast adrift, and which opportunities are surfacing in its stead, is discussed here by artists, publishers, and scholars through the examination of recent publishing concepts emerging from the experimental literature and art scene, where publishing is often part of an encompassing artistic practice.

Developed over the past ten years of her practice, these works explore communication and interaction between individuals, often against the backdrop of a unique public location, in order to cast attention on repressed, incomplete, and unresolved histories.