Book of Mormon Book of Lies

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With that in mind, here are a few questions we have today. Now dear friends — I ask in all sincerity if the BoM should be trusted. Is it worthy of your time and trust? It has to stand up to your expectations, not the other way around! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Do you have faith in Jesus Christ? If so then you should understand what we as members of the LDS Church are trying to say. I believe that my family loves me, because they have shown me through words and actions, so there is evidence of their love.

I am no longer a Christian, nor do I believe in the historicity of Jesus Christ. That means over 30 years as a believer. I finally woke up and am happier now that all of my beliefs are based on actual knowledge and have facts and evidence to back them up. Can you back yours with evidence? That is why beliefs are separate from knowledge.

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Of course you do, dear. I would like to point out here that you can find something wrong with Everything. A question to your comment, do you do this same thing to people who have the Scientology faith? Why or why not? If you dont, then i would like to point out all the people who have been hurt mentally, physically, and Economically because of that Church.

So why not protest against something that actually has some sort of reason to be protested against? We claim to be the Spiritual Supremacy because we believe that we have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With that being said if someone such as I believes that wouldnt i share it? Mind you also that when the Apostles were killed we lost a lot of the Gospel with them.

Book of Mormon Book of Lies

Why couldnt this be that renewed Gospel? I dont think it makes sense to try and destroy the faith because you dont believe in it. Or I am gonna ruin everyones faith in Humanity because I am an ass. Pardon the terrible language there but its true.

Scientology is horrible, I agree. However, Scientology has not impacted my life on a personal level like Mormonism has. I think you misinterpret my comment. Religious belief is entirely metaphysical. There are many wonderful things about Mormonism. The author is pointing out some very damaging things about the faith—dogmatic truth claims, fundamentalism, and literalism. These are encouraged by the LDS faith at every turn. The author does an excellent job of showing how these claims are completely unfounded. Hi Joshua, I would love to point out that there is gonna be persecution in the Church and about the Book of Mormon and what not.

But here is what I know.

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With that being said I Love everyone on this page whether you dis my religion or not. All i have to say is this. We get that you dont believe it. We understand that you may not be in the same Wagon that we are about the Book of Mormon. And we understand that you are entitled to your opinions and choices. However, with all that being said, we do not need you guys to tell us what you can point out is wrong in the Book of Mormon.

We know youre gonna find something, but we are trying to be good people. We love helping, and we love being able to share what we love with others. If you were a Christian with true values like Christ you would understand that the Spirit comes and teaches and shows that Christ is the Savior.

If it testifies of that it is of God. SO what is so bad! We will all find out on Judgment day who was right and who was wrong. But as for now.

Ill serve God the way i want to, and you can do it the way you want to. Mormonism is EVIL. I can tell you I know for myself the Book of Mormon is true. I prayed about it, asked for an answer that I could not mistake, and I was visited by 2 angels who shook my hand each. After each left, another angel showed up, but it was not one from God, and he did not have a body.

You can fight it all you want, but at the end, all that will remain is the testimony of many concerning the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the current prophet and apostles, and the Plan of Salvation. Be my guest, you can email me and ask questions if you want. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it is the word of God. I know, because I received an answer through my prayers from the Holy Ghost. I too know the church is true. Knowledge of the spirit, when nurtured, cannot be denied. Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. The Book of Mormon was revealed through the prophet Joseph Smith.

The church is led by living prophets today. Simplistic questions such as those asked in this article are easily answered but those presenting the questions are not really interested in answers. I learned long ago that whenever and wherever truth exists, opposition will also exist to attempt to destroy or mute it.

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Such is the case with the critics of the truth today. Every criticism presented herein has been amply, adequately or at least plausibly answered. If someone wants to know the truth, study, ponder and pray about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

If sincere, the answer will come. The suspect must be guilty!

Dear Mormons, You Don’t “Know” the Book of Mormon is True

But the tv show treats it as proof that the entire story was a lie! Life, of course, is full of contradictions. This includes the reality of thinking one thing one day, then changing your mind the next. The church and our members are the same. We learn and grow. That means some things that were wrong before are made right, and sometimes we make mistakes.

Of course, contradictions are only proof of their own existence. But to an antagonist of the faith, they are inflated to become capital-T Truth of their claims against the church. All of these methods of lying lead to one common behavior: presenting conclusions as facts. Sharing your conclusions as if they were facts, not allowing your listener to know the underlying truths behind your conclusions, is yet another way to lie. However, many people consider that behavior to be a lie, especially Anti-Mormons!

But are these really Lies?

The best example of this is our own church history and the anti-Mormon reaction to it. As historians operate with partial information, they decide to incorporate faith-promoting stories into the manuals they create, which they believe are true. Those manuals are given to teachers who also believe they are true. The church has been teaching the wrong thing for decades. But the Anti-Mormons love to spin-doctor this into malicious whitewashing by a faceless organization.

Anti-Mormon Lies

Many people have described 3 ways to approach ambiguity in facts and the conclusions we draw from them. Ironically, this person makes the same mistake as the anti-mormons by relying on conclusions to the rejection of contrary facts. They see only the bad. To this person, there is no spin-doctoring, only a cold, hard look at reality that can only be interpreted in the most pessimistic way possible. He sees the encircling gloom AND the kindly light.

Chesterton described this sort of person as the only one who can actually improve the human condition because it is only the builder who is willing to both acknowledge that a problem exists and yet retain enough genuine loyalty to do something about it. He compares these people to women who are loyal to their husbands even as the husbands make terrible mistakes:.

Some stupid people started the idea that because women obviously back up their own people through everything, therefore women are blind and do not see anything.