Developing Real-world Applications with LightSwitch

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It allows you to create compelling LightSwitch applications.

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It allows your end-users to create, import and export Microsoft Word documents. It also contains many other features.

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In this example, we will build a small application that allows rich notes to be entered for people. First, Install the Telerik controls Comments It is easy to create a LightSwitch application using your own custom user interface UI , composed entirely of Silverlight Custom Controls. The article at this link , Comments 5.

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This article describes how you can upload files using LightSwitch, and store them on the server hard drive. This is different from uploading files and storing them in the server database. It is one of the first to become available, and is a great example of an extension that allows you to do amazing things easily with LightSwitch.

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Comments 9. In many LightSwitch applications, you will desire the ability to display aggregated data and percentages. The method described here, is easier to use, yet, it has limitations for example it will not allow you to use GroupBy Comments 6. An important thing to note, is that you can use your existing DotNetNuke users and roles with your LightSwitch applications. This is really important if your already have accounts and roles. NET 4.


Comments 7. The purpose is to demonstrate how LightSwitch allows you to create professional business applications that would take a single developer weeks to create. With LightSwitch you can create such applications in under an hour. The Scenario In this example, we will be tasked with producing We will do it for a good reason, and we will demonstrate that it is a tool that is capable of professional development. In this installment, we will add Attendance to the system. We will use this opportunity to cover implementing Business Rules and Screen Permissions.

LightSwitch Student Information System. To demonstrate LightSwitch functionality in a real world example, I have decided to create a Student information System. Eventually this will handle attendance and grades, but, for this first installment it will simply allow you to enroll students. First, let us examine how a Student Information System usually works. A Course, and a Teacher make up a Section.

Developing Real-world Applications with LightSwitch

A Student and a Section make up an Enrollment. Grades, Attendance, and all other elements of the Student Information System, are tied to associated with , Enrollments. Note : A refactoring feature changes the entity name to Course in all entities which refer to it.

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Click OK to add the Section type to the Enrollment entity and the navigation property to a Section entity:. Note : This part will be updated when a conclusion is reached about the applicability of the warning in step 8. By default, this value is the first field of the String data type in the field list.

Double-click the Departments item in Solution Explorer to open it in the Designer, click the Department header bar, scroll the Properties list to expose the Summary Property item at the end and open its list:. LightSwitch enables defining computed fields and populating them with an expression whose arguments involve other field values. To add a computed FullName field to the Employee entity and select it as the Summary property, do the following:.

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Capacity — Me. Open the Enrollments designer and click the extend symbol at the right of the command bar to display the Write Code button:. Click the Write Code button to open the code editor with the Section class procedure and add the following code below the SeatsAvailable method:. Published at DZone with permission of Roger Jennings. See the original article here.

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Let's be friends:. DZone 's Guide to. Free Resource. Like 0. Now go back to main design window. That's it for now. In the next part, we will see how to create connected screens and add a dialog box in our application.


Developing Real world Applications with LightSwitch Online PDF eBook

We have also seen how to Sort the data as well as Filter the data by adding the Parameters. This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal. C and. Organized around concepts, this eBook aims to provide a concise, yet solid foundation in C and. NET, covering C 6. NET Core, with chapters on. NET Standard and the upcoming C 8. Use these concepts to deepen your existing knowledge of C and. NET, to have a solid grasp of the latest in C and. NET OR to crack your next. NET Interview.

Views: We will also see how to Sort the data as well as Filter the data by adding the Parameters.