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The poem describes what can be seen through the windows of a moving train. The poem compares travelling by train with travelling by car. Why did Robert Louis Stevenson choose this rhythm for the poem? It makes it easier to read. It sounds like a train travelling. There was probably no reason why he chose this rhythm.

It is a rhyming poem, as some of the lines rhyme. It is a rhyming poem. Pairs of lines rhyme with each other. It is a non-rhyming poem. Read the poem again and copy out the line containing a simile. What does this mean? You can have a good look at everything but you won't see it again. You can look at things over and over again through the train window. You only get a quick look at things and then you will never seen them again.

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The poem describes what can be seen from the windows of a train that is travelling quickly through the countryside. The rhythm of the words in each line sounds like a train travelling quickly along the tracks. Each pair of consecutive lines lines that follow each other with no other lines in between rhyme. These are called rhyming couplets.

Stevenson gives the impression that the train is magical because it is faster than creatures that don't even exist. Fly as thick as driving rain. Stevenson makes it sound like it is the horses and cattle on the hills and plains that are moving rather than the train.

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And charging along like troops in a battle, And charging along like troops in a battle. The things seen from the window are compared to soldiers making a charge. Again, this suggests that they are moving fast. This is a strange word to use, but it contrasts with the fast-moving train. Duke's Auctioneers. Elsewhere on the BBC.

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Also included here are incidents where doors which are on the same side of the train as the platform but which are not adjacent to the platform e. Train carriage decoupling during movement, potentially leading to passengers or workers falling off the train. Doors failing to open at a station are included within this core hazard in the causal analysis for consistency with earlier work but consequence barriers are not modelled as it is considered that there are no safety implications within the scope of this core hazard associated with doors failing to open.

This cluster comprises:. The scope of this core hazard includes. Passenger or worker caught in door of stationary train, potentially leading to the train moving off, dragging the person along the platform. Passenger or worker trying to board a moving train, potentially leading to apparel being caught on the door and dragged along the platform or opening the door then falling and being hit by the door or caught up in the door.

We have excluded from this core hazard falls to trespassers and falls occurring on level crossings. The scope of passengers has been enlarged to include all persons in a railway station. We also excluded a few falls that were suicide attempts, but included some where there was no clear determination.

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We have excluded passengers falling as a result of trying to enter or leave the train, while it is still moving. This cluster comprises. The HP Core Hazard for inappropriate separation between running rail and passengers has been developed to include those situations where the distance between the running rail and people is not sufficient to ensure the safety of passengers. This core hazard does not include Core Hazard HN failure of level crossing to protect the public from passing trains.

This model also does not include incidents of inappropriate separation between running rail and passengers resulting from suicide. Finally, this model does not include incidents of inappropriate separation between running rail and people caused by derailment.

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Core Hazards HP, passenger protruding beyond train gauge during movement, have been developed to include all situations in which a person is protruding outside the gauge of a moving train. The model excludes incidents resulting from suicide or attempted suicide— these are assumed to be covered under HP Abnormal or Criminal Behaviour. The cluster comprises. Objects falling from height within stations HP, HP as a result of degradation e. The scope of this core hazard is concerned with inappropriate separation between passengers HP and moving vehicles not rail vehicles.

This encompasses the following:. Accidents involving road vehicles in collision with pedestrians, other vehicles or structures in the vicinity of stations and work sites including workers at level crossings in local control mode. Accidents involving overturned machinery and inadequate control of wheel set movements. HP inappropriate separation between passenger and moving vehicle non-rail. The hazard is defined to assume some error had occurred in handling a heavy load since otherwise the estimated number of incidents would be so high to be meaningless as a hazard.

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Various scenarios were identified, including strain injuries from carrying and lifting luggage, luggage falling on to other passengers usually inside trains and cases of luggage falling down escalators and stairs. The HP incompatibility of train and structure gauge have been developed to include those situations where the clearances between trains and infrastructure have been compromised.

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The consequences of the abnormal deceleration part of derailment and collision scenarios are assumed to be included in the loss estimation for those events. Therefore, the incidence of fire due to buffer-stop collision has not been separately developed in the consequence model. The consequences have been assumed to fall into three bands: collisions at speeds at or below that for which the buffers have been designed; collisions at speeds greater than that for which the buffers have been designed; and collisions with siding buffer-stops.

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The consequence model has been populated using expert judgement. The losses associated with this model include those occurring before the derailment due to abnormal deceleration, if there are any. There may be many instances of animals entering and leaving the railway having no effect at all and being entirely unnoticed.

These scenarios are not modelled, neither are those in which other objects, such as litter, come to rest on the railway, but do not affect the system at all. Instances of objects and animals on the line causing fires are captured in the fire models and not within this model. The cluster comprises:. Noxious fumes are included when the cause is fire related.

This core hazard shall not include instability of trains or the movement of materials on trains. Consideration has been given to the interface of this core hazard with the core hazards object on line and inappropriate separation between trains.