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Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Similar ebooks. See more. Aw, Hell! Hot Gay Spanking Erotica. Jere Haken.

Fed up with his overbearing father, Hell's youngest devil flees to The Surface in a fit of temper. When he meets a devilishly handsome angel there, things really start to heat up!

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This word erotic short story is for those who enjoy a good spanking. When his new boyfriend invites him to his family home for summer vacation, Nick is eager to go, despite Jimmy's vague warning that his dad is "strict.

However, all may not be as it seems. Is Nick prepared to handle it? Warning: This word erotic short story contains spanking between consenting adult males. A Spanking New Beginning. When downhearted Ken Walker has a strange encounter with his boss after hours, he wonders if the man might be hitting on him. Little does he know, the boss has other plans--plans to turn his younger brother over to him for discipline!

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Is Ken ready to take the plunge and turn the nineteen-year-old college dropout over his knee? Safe and Soundly Spanked. When Marcus has reason to believe his dominant partner Tom is seeing his former submissive on the side, jealousy prompts him to react impulsively, landing both young men in hot water with their doms. Gay Lovin at the Cluck-n-Bun. When Joshua becomes a Cluck-n-Bun franchisee, he's got his mind on one thing and one thing only: those sweet, sweet chicken profits. He can't possibly know that, within a few months' time, his company's CEO will publicly speak out against gay marriage.

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For my part, I think that the answer is no. Does one have a free speech right to say that all the gays should be shot? But actively working to bring state power to bear on getting them shot? Different thing. Sure do. It touches on some of the same ground that free speech touches. And I agree my line of argument raises a whole series of complex questions that are thorny and difficult.

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Actually, if the government imposes a financial penalty on someone for their opinion, it has a chilling effect on free speech. Obviously, creating laws that impose death penalties on someone for simply being who they are is the embodiment of evil. What the Nazis and the American Settlers and Cortez, and the government of South Africa, and all the evil creatures of history have done or attempted.

What Dan Cathy advocates is the continuation of a status quo. What we are talking about here is the law and the importance of the government following it, not the justice or morality of it. Free speech in the advocacy of the current political and cultural status quo as abhorrent as that is cannot be curtailed, ever, ever ever, or the government has the right to curtail speech that protests THEM. As much as we agree with those two mayors on principle, their point of view and opinion cannot extra-judiciously trump free speech in a democracy, or we allow ANYONE to do so.

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Or it least the codifying of that status quo. You hate it and I hate it, but a democracy is based on this sort of back and forth advocacy of what constitutes rights and privileges. No one is killing anyone here. And denying you or me the right to visit my loved one in a hospital or to share a health care plan are awful, awful things, but do not rise to the level of prima facie human rights abuses that constitute this referenced law in Uganda.

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The remedy for all this and it will happen in the next few years in the USA, I promise you is that each court that looks at these gay-hating laws that strike down rights for the GLBTQ community rule that they cannot pass constitutional muster. Each court that has listened to people attempting to challenge the state laws that do allow for gay marriage in Hawaii, Maine, etc, can find no basis for anyone to bring a case AGAINST Gay Marriage, as no one has standing to be damaged by gay marriage. These decisions are being codified into precedent over and over at State Supreme Court levels and on a few Federal Courts. Now, I advocate a completely extra-judicial solution to people like Dan Cathy. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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