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Greener Grass Donemus 8', 6p. Atonal toccata-like exploration of contrasting registers, figurations, textures, tempi, dynamics.

Also: Piano Etuden. Dedicated to her father, Arnold Brown. McGill U. Works: orchestra, chamber, organ, piano, voice, opera, film, electronic. Style: neoclassic, linear, contrapuntal, dissonant. Linear and dissonant; extremely effective use of 20th c. Portraits of 4 contrasting moods: Forceful; Capricious; Introspective; Festive.

Four Little Studies Waterloo Brief explorations of contemporary techniques; freely tonal, with some unusual harmonies. Three charming vignettes: lively Jig; Church Scene, with bells, chanting, and hymn; Christmas in Quebec, woven through with carol themes. Three very brief teaching pieces: Prayer: a chorale.

Hop, Skip and Glide: contrasting articulations. Vigorous and pianistic, sparse, dissonant texture, rapid leaps. Tonal; varied moods and styles, 2voice textures. Sonata No.

Dramatic, demanding. Andante moderato; Largo a piacere; Andante ma energico-Allegro. Sonatina No. Early exploration of contemporary harmonies in classic form: gavotte-like Allegretto, graceful Barcarolle, capering Fughetta. Theme and Variations for Piano Waterloo , 9', 5p. Lyric theme, six variations. Fine, serious piece, showing influence of Hindemith: quartal, contrapuntal, parallel writing, strong dissonances.

Contrasting interval studies, rhythmic: Dreaming 5ths ; Dark Mood minor 2nds, forearm staccato ; Determination ascending chromatics. Buenos Aires with Villa-Lobos; honors, fellowships, prizes both for scholarly work and composition; leading authority on South American folk music.

Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal, ballet, electronic. Style: combines indigenous sources and avant-garde techniques. Exciting, challenging, wellwritten. Moderato agitato: dramatic contrasts in meters, tempi, dynamics, registers. Andante-ostinato-scherzando: ostinato murmuring relieved by center section scherzo.

Toccata: driving, percussive. Tokyo U. Works: orchestra, band, chamber, piano, vocal, traditional instruments. Ballet of the Sylphs Ongaku-no-Tomosha Four Pieces for Children Zen-on-galsufu Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, theatre. Style: rich, colorful harmony; individualistic, often programmatic Sadie and Samuel , Duet, pf 4-hands.

For hpd. Six variations on the same theme as that used by Sweelinck. Copy av. Paris Cons.

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Works: orchestra, chamber, voice, theatre, radio. Style: neoclassical, melodic, witty, charming, spontaneous, harmonically adventurous. Delicate Oriental watercolor in shifting tonalities. Early Int-Int.

Studietto No. 7 Sheet Music by Luigi Campolieti

First-rate neo-Baroque set, a fine introduction to 20th c. Prelude: vigorous Bach-like 16th-note figures doubled at the octave. Forlane: cheerful folk dance in triple meter, 3 figurational variations. Gigue: clever, cheerful, frequent hand-crossings. Exciting tour de force, bold, percussive motives developed in several figurations. Modal, chromatic. Brief, enjoyable trio, each exploring one rhythmic motif. Modal, cheerful, lyric, rather like Poulenc. Mid-Late Int. Also, pub. Further listings: see Cohen, Bauer. Brief contrasting scenes, neo-Romantic, derivative. Tonal; improvisational in effect; rapid arpeggios throughout 4 main sections.

Studies in double notes, cross-rhythms, arpeggios, speed and touch. Porphyre: frenetic, with a driving ostinato bass. Cristal de Roche: 3 contrasting sections with added-tone chords. Triades Hortensia Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal, ballet, opera, theatre. Duets: Lento; Suite Web page: www. Scheidel USA Composer, professor, organist; st.

Peabody Cons. Connecticut; awards, prizes. Works: choral, sacred. American Triptych composer Klavier Double AMC A prize winner. See also: Mia Music ; Prague Sonata Basle Cons. Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, voice, electronic. Style: serial, dodecaphonic; later, influenced by Boulez, Xenakis.

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  7. Study in hand independence reversible parts : one hand plays chromatic 16th-note figures as the other drops in an occasional dissonant 8th note. Quick, light, changing meters, RH melody, chordal bass, polytonal dissonance. Modal, playful, shifting meters and moods. For composer-pianist Yolande Uyttenhove q. Oiseaux Op.

    3 Harp Sonatas, Op. 2: No. 3 in C Minor

    Ricochet Op. Rather nice bagatelle, modal, ternary, gentle addedtone chords, whole tone passage. Also av. Poland; st.

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    Warsaw Cons. Works: orchestra, chamber, violin, piano, vocal. Style: individualistic, diverse, contemporary, strong. Two chromatic double-note studies. Moderato: rhapsodic, thick-textured. Vivace: frisky thirds frolic up and down the keyboard. Bravura prize-winner. Popular Polish melodies with motivic, harmonic, rhythmic transformations; extreme registers, pungent harmonies.

    Fresh, original. Little Triptych PWM 5p. Brief studies in sonority; thick textures, vivid contemporary techniques include polyharmonies, tone sets.