Waiting for Answers, A Parents Guide to Grief, Resolution, and Healing

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Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. Good luck to you. I had lost both my parents by the time I was Neither of them met my husband or my son. I have lived almost longer at this point without them than with them. Does that make sense?

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I know how envious I have been of adult friends who get to go to the movies with their mom, or who could drop their children off to the doting grandparents. My son knows them as well as I did because I talk about them and yes, to them constantly still. Love and cherish and respect her. This is beautiful and heartbreaking to read, Lisa. I recommend your blog often to clients who are coming to terms with death because your words are so important and meaningful.

Thank you for showing such courage and sharing it with the world!

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I have had a few unexplained things happen to me when my brother died years ago. Losing someone so close to me did push me towards depression but somehow the happenings around me just saved me from it. Even to this day I feel like my brother was protecting me from falling into a depression even though he was no longer around.

This is so sad for you that you have lost both of your parents by an early age, but I am encouraged by the news that you seem to have made some peace with that and have found some constructive outlets for all of that grief that you have been dealing with. The thing about death is that since it is so permanent it is hard for most of us to wrap our heads around it and accept that this is someone that we will never see or be able to call on the phone again.

But I think that what you have done is somethning that all of us who have lost someone close to us could try, just to remember all of the good, think about our grief journey and then how we can turn that into something good for someone else. There could be no better lasting legacy and tribute for our lost familiy and friends than that. Lisa, Your story brought me to tears this morning as I imagined what it would be like to lose both parents.

Hugs, Noah. Lisa — many gratitudes for your open, loving words. Well done.

Waiting for Answers: A Parent's Guide to Grief, Resolution, and Healing

Maria, thank you, too for reading and for all your support over the years. Thank you for sharing the blog with your clients, I hope that it encourages them to work through their healing! What a great piece! I love your writing style and really enjoyed your article. Keep up the good work! My husband and I bought the house his grandfather built on a lake along with his sons for the extended family to use. It was our permanent residence so we were there all the time. And, so many things happened! In the end, looking back on it all, everything that happened was just like him-it was all very protective in nature with a good dose of practical joking going on.

It was kind of fun! What a gift your dad gave you on his death bed! To encourage your mom to accept you as you are is priceless indeed! And, good for you for being who you are even though it must have been tough. LOL Kateyanne! Would you like to share any of them? It sounds like your brother was absolutely looking after you and protecting you from depression.

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Let it flow through and OUT! Death can feel very permanent and it is on a lot of levels. What a cool way for your husband to say hello! Any other stories you might like to share about those experiences? Thanks so much for your support. Ella — thank you for reading and for your kind words!! Dorta — WOW — how cool to have those communications! What kind of things happend? Sometimes I hear people complaining about their parents and I usually think to myself… I wish my mom or dad here so we could even just eat a meal together again. Hi Shane — I know there are several kinds of death, the ones that are long and painful and the ones that are short and painful.

I knew every minute my parents were dying that this could be the last time I ever exchange eye contact, share a moment… it was very special and I hope that it makes all of us really take in our own lives and own special moments. My brother had just been released from the VA Psych unit after over-dosing on tons of pills and surviving: In the unit for a week. We had the little party for his daughter. I hung up with my now hysterical mother and raced to the scene; a few neighborhoods away from mine.

The EMTs were carrying my brother out on a gurney, upright and mumbling and conscious.

In the ICU my brother lay plugged in to tons of tubes. Nine months later my mother lay in ICU with congestive heart failure. I was called to her bedside by her doctor. I arrived in Florida the day after my birthday, from Ohio. My mother refused further treatment and was put in hospice. The priest was called. Even the hospital staff was visibly upset.

Losing Both Parents by Age 27: How I Began to Heal

I had no shoulder or arms holding me the entire time and twelve years later still wait for that…. No family came to help me make plans and my mom had no will or plans, or husband. I just had some people at the hospital in Florida. I needed to be off the planet, or where no one would guess what I had been through. My brother lying in a hospital….

https://lekers.tk When I arrived in the little Gulf Coast town, I was in a motel room about 11pm that night. I got a phone call from a brother in Oklahoma. Dad died today.

Dad died? With no one. Not even the clerk was really friendly. With no one but myself; I get back in the rental car and have no idea how I got back to Daytona Beach to turn it in. I carried them on to the plane to go to Tulsa for a funeral for my father.